Fall 3 - Tokyo

Fall 3 - Tokyo

You can use either of the codes listed below during the pre-sale time. Please note that down payments are NON-REFUNDABLE. The remaining balances will be due upon shipping notice from Kickee or on Nov. 10th 2018, whichever comes first. Payment is due within 24 hrs of receiving your invoice **This will arrive to your email used when checking out, not paypal**
Please join our VIP fb group for steady updates concerning invoices and ship times.

If you fail to provide payment or you cancel your order, you are then choosing to forfeit your downpayment and the items will be returned to the website for sale.

The expected ship to us date is 10/15-11/15 of 2018.

25down - for 25% down payment 
50down - for 50% down payment

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