2' x 3' Flat Weave Rug - Sunset

Handwoven in 100% wool, Flat Weave Rugs make an artful addition to any room. Perfect beside a bed or by an entrance, these woven pieces are beautiful on their own, layered on carpet or hung on a wall. Pehr is a member of Care & Fair and sponsors child education for carpet weaver families, to ensure no child labor is ever present.
  • Remove spills immediately, if liquid, blot with a clean undyed cloth by pressing firmly around the spill to absorb as much as possible and the rug should be dried on both front and back sides. 
  • Do not soak or wash the rug in any liquid. 
  • Avoid use of harsh chemicals for removing stains. 
  • Hand brush and vacuum regularly. 
  • Do not dry clean.
  • $ 79.00
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