Princesses & Fairies Stampables Coloring Pack

Coloring magic happens when Princesses and Fairies abound. A 31 page coloring book filled with fantastic fairies and enchanting Princesses will create hours of coloring fun. Add vibrant color and extra details with Stampables Double-ended markers; one end is a brush tip, the other are cute stamps.
Fairies and Princesses Color-in Book features 31 perforated pages just waiting to become 8 x 10 pieces of art. Princesses, unicorns, pixie fairies and more will provide cute coloring enjoyment. Adorn your pages with the Stampables Double-ended Stamp Markers with 18 unique colors and adorable stamps. With the abundance of brilliant hues and smooth brush tips the Stampables will make your princesses and fairies standout. Stampables are also washable on smooth surfaces; just use soapy water on hands or smooth surfaces. Lastly Stampables markers come in a reusable carrying case which makes storing and traveling easy.
Princess and Fairies Color-in’ Book with the Stampables double ended markers pack comes wrapped with a bow for happy gift giving.
Princesses and Fairies Color-in’ Book
31 pages with unique designs - more to explore
Perforated sheets - easy to cherish or gift
8 x 10 inch framable size
Stampables Double ended stamp markers
Set of 18 markers with a brush tip on one end and a stamp on the other
18 unique colors, designs
Washable - comes off hands or smooth surfaces easily with soap and water
Reusable case for easy travel and storage
Suitable for ages 4 and up.
all styles may not be available as pictured, a comparable substitution may be made
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