Space Critters Doodle Pad - Set of Two

Blast off into outer space and explore the universe with the Space Critters Doodle Pad Duo Sketchbooks for kids! Budding astronauts and scientists will discover a galaxy of cosmic inspiration from the cover art. The only limit to what you can draw is your imagination!

Reach for the stars (and pencils, markers and more) when you draw and color in the pages of these space inspired sketchbooks for kids! The Space Critters Doodle Pad Duo Sketchbooks are a set of 2 quality sketch pads featuring fun cover art of space critters of all kinds exploring the universe. The space inspired sketchbooks are made with quality 100 gsm paper providing a great canvas for artwork. Each sketchbook is 8.25 by 11.5 inches.

Space themed doodle pad sketchbooks
Set of 2
8.25 by 11.5 Inches
32 sheets per sketchbook
Glue binding
100 gsm paper weight
Suitable for ages 3 and up
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