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The Secret Life of Boo Boos

This colorful follow-up to The Secret Life of Boogers offers a fact-packed look at the science behind boo-boos and how our bodies heal. 32-page

Why do bruises change color? What should you do if you skin your knee? And what exactly is blood anyway? 32-page hardcover.

The Secret Life of Boo-Boos is full of delightfully gross and informative facts about cuts, scrapes, burns, bumps, and bruises. Young readers will learn about how our bodies heal boo-boos, how to prevent different kinds of boo-boos, and even basic first aid tips for their own boo-boos.

Entertaining content kids will love: Combines gross humor and colorful art with solid science and real learning
Interactive backmatter: Includes a quiz about boo-boos and even basic first aid facts and tips to prevent and treat boo-boos
Approachable health science: The Secret Life of... series gives kids scientific context for what's going on in their bodies and empowers them to keep themselves healthy
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