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Ultimate Sticker Book - Garden Bugs

Children will love finding out about the bugs in gardens and parks in this exciting sticker activity book. This edition has been revised and updated, and now includes more pages and lots more stickers! Go on a journey as you fill in the sticker pages, and learn about bees, beetles, spiders, earthworms, snails, moths, and more. Find out how some bugs are predators, while others feed on plants, and discover how wriggly caterpillars turn into beautiful fluttery butterflies. This informative sticker book encourages children's interest in nature. Fascinating facts are accompanied by simple, fun activities such as matching stickers to picture shapes, a life cycle follow-the-trail, and a quiz. The book challenges children to find the correct stickers to fill in the blanks on the pages, and encourages kids to get creative and make a super spider out of stickers.

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